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9 States With Anti-Gay Laws That Aren’t That Distinctive From Russia’s

Because of the Olympics beginning in Sochi, Russia by the end with this week, much attention happens to be compensated to Russia’s anti-gay rules, including a legislation banning “gay propaganda,” which could possibly be construed to suggest any general general general public display or help of homosexuality. Straight straight straight Back in the us, nine states impose restrictions on what educators can speak about homosexuality in manners that mirror Russia’s legislation. Here’s a review of exactly exactly exactly how intercourse training courses continue to be propagating anti-gay stigma because of “No Promo Homo” guidelines:

In Alabama, state law dictates that homosexuality just isn’t a lifestyle that is acceptable

(c) Course materials and instruction that connect with education that is sexual intimately transmitted conditions will include most of the following elements: …

(8) an focus, in a manner that is factual from a general public wellness viewpoint, that homosexuality just isn’t a life style appropriate to your general public and that homosexual conduct is a criminal offenses underneath the legislation regarding the state. Continue reading