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The ladies indicated resilience with life’s challenges, such as for instance betrayal or acculturation dilemmas, by looking at faith or religious guidance


Spiritual/religious philosophy

They talked about looking at faith throughout their first couple of years in a unknown environment and far from families. One relied on fate despite acculturation challenges. By embracing faith or spirituality, they exhibited resilience through the many hurdles faced as immigrants in a international nation. In addition, the women’s spiritual or beliefs that are spiritual them feel more linked to their own families of beginning.

Coping with dilemmas through humor

A few of the ladies utilized humor in an effort to cope with issues in life, such as for instance when deceived by a pal or a correspondent that is male. Others used humor whenever feeling anxious ( ag e.g., fulfilling her spouse for the time that is first, marital dilemmas, and undesirable pregnancies. Having a feeling of humor assisted minmise their anxiety and grief in life. Continue reading