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A mother writes to inquire of how exactly to assist her 10-year-old child, whom is stressing a great deal about “bad ideas.”

Often these ideas are bad because they’re mean: A household friend is “fat” or “wrinkly.” Often they are sexual: She imagines a classmate naked. Or violent: She believes she desires to destroy her mother. They usually have a very important factor in keeping: a need is felt by her to confess all those ideas to her mother, whom wonders what’s going in.

It’s a situation we hear a great deal: a kid is unexpectedly desperate to confess distressing ideas. A 9-year-old noticed their teacher’s cleavage, and seems accountable about this. The more they arrive. as their dad writes: “The more he attempts to get a handle on the thoughts” He worries out loud that there could be something very wrong with him, and wants reassurance that he’s okay. Over and over repeatedly.

Children will get really upset about these ideas, though needless to say only some of them feel compelled to share with you all of them with their moms and dads. But once they are doing, the constant confession and needs for reassurance could be stressful for moms and dads, too. Continue reading