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I’m perhaps maybe perhaps not the very first girl to reach that conclusion, but I’m forced to echo the belief

I’m perhaps maybe maybe not the very first girl to state this, also it’s not likely I’ll function as final: I find myself in desperate need of the spouse.

The granite business that installed my countertops did a bad job that is finishing and today i would like a spouse to call and whine. I want her to spell out just what went incorrect, negotiate a period to allow them to come correct it, and remain house to oversee the work because it gets done.

That may mean sacrificing a whole workday she can figure it out for her, but. That’s why she’s the wife.

I want her become here, viewing because they yank the granite off the beaten track and install a fresh one. There’s likely to be sound, there’s likely to be things breaking, and there’s going to become a huge mess — that she’ll need to tidy up. Continue reading