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DeMarcus Cousins Is Accused of Choking and Threatening to Shoot a female

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A female that is third has now emerge from the wood-works and filed a appropriate issue concerning Darren Sharper

Winslow and Boston Market . Get one of these thigh on for size or perhaps in Kellen’s instance ” come feel my drumstick ” . Had that been at a Chick-A-Fil outlet embroiled for the reason that event . just How would things have been down, provided the owner’s profoundly religious back ground . Do the Chick-A-Fil outlets have drive through lane ? Simply wondering, because I’d hate to believe just exactly what may have occurred had KW been with the lane , while servicing himself .

Oden provides brand new meaning to “posting up” or banging the panels .

Deion Sanders attempting to play into the professional Bowl ? Therefore, will there be a opportunity that Jerry Jones will approach either Troy Aikman or Roger Staubach in the future away from your your retirement in order to become the Cowboys’ beginning quarterback for next season ?

Associated with the NBA Finals which you’ve witnessed , which would you believe supplied the maximum activity when it comes to the degree through the entire show ? Continue reading