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Chris Watts’ mistress googled ‘how to prepare for anal sex’, shopped for bridal dress times ahead of the murders

Once the authorities seemed through Chris Watts’ phone, they discovered tens and thousands of hidden photographs of the nude or semi-nude Nichol Kessinger whom he had been having an event with

Nichol Kessinger, the lady who was simply having an event with triple murder convict Chris Watts, ended up being convinced before he brutally murdered his entire family that he was going to leave his wife weeks. Reports through the research in to the murders of Shanann, Bella, and Celeste Watts have actually revealed that Kessinger invested significantly more than a couple of hours searching through the web for a marriage gown only one week before Watts murdered their household. The woman was revealed to have spent 45 minutes Googling “how to prepare for anal sex”, “the anal sex guide”, and then eventually moved on to looking at videos of threesomes on a porn site on the night of the murder.

The constant Mail stated that the last search Kessinger made, which was noted by detectives, arrived right after the murders on August 19 whenever she seemed up the amount of money Amber Frey created by posting her guide. Continue reading