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But there’s another option that’s usually overlooked: a USDA mortgage loan.

USDA loans, also referred to as USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loans, provide an amount of advantages, the main element one being 100% funding, meaning that would-be house buyers don’t want to secure funds for a advance texas online installment loan payment. They’re also more forgiving in terms of your credit history and provide competitive interest levels.

While these loans aren’t for all, for individuals who qualify, they are able to express a lifeline so you can get on the home ladder.

Would You Qualify?

USDA mortgage loans are mortgages which are supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. By way of their title, you are lured to believe that these loans are just for farmers, but USDA loans aren’t made for farms — or any property that is commercial. Rather, they’re for houses which are in places the USDA considers rural or residential district, towns having a population of lower than 35,000. This, incidentally, is the majority of the U.S. In reality, it is approximated that 97% of U.S. Land is qualified to receive this loan. Continue reading