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The impact of Men’s money and Employment on Marriage and Cohabitation: Testing Oppenheimer’s Theory in European countries

This short article covers Oppenheimer’s concept on marriage timing, product reviews just how this concept ended up being gotten in European demography and family members sociology, and develops a brand new test of this concept utilizing panel that is annual from 13 countries in europe for the duration 1994–2001. A few indicators of men’s financial status are utilized, including college enrollment, employment, style of labor agreement, work experience, earnings, and training. Aftereffects of these indicators are projected for the transition to wedding and cohabitation, and for the change from cohabitation to marriage. Nation variations in these impacts are analyzed also. The data provides strong help for the male breadwinner hypothesis from the one hand, as well as for Oppenheimer’s profession doubt hypothesis regarding the other. Nevertheless, the relevance of those hypotheses additionally relies on the nationwide context, and particularly in route sex functions are split in a culture.

Bringing Men Back

The United states demographer and sociologist Valerie Oppenheimer had written a few influential articles by which she emphasized the part of men’s position that is socioeconomic demographic modification, in specific into the decreasing rates of wedding plus the underlying habit of increasingly postpone as well as perhaps also forego wedding (Oppenheimer 1988, 2000, 2003; Oppenheimer et al. 1997). Continue reading