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Jordan: Ladies’ Expedition

Share when you look at the tradition of Jordanian females for a women that are tailor-made adventure

What’s life really like for females in Jordan? Guess what happens a hijab is, a burqa is, a niqab. The thing is that females using them, possibly regarding the news or perhaps in your personal town. But just how many of you are done by these women understand? Join this eight-day adventure in Jordan even as we break the obstacles of traditional tourism and find out sisterhood in this desert nation that is tiny. Invest per night in Wadi Rum and discover the original art of henna with Bedouin females, and discover how kohl has been utilized for decades not only as being a beauty item but to safeguard the eyes through the desert that is harsh. Invest a day at a nearby female-only coastline, find the Dead Sea, and see stunning Petra. Discover the art of Arabic cooking along with your host that is local in house, enjoy afternoon teas and gossip time with regional females, and also satisfy a shepherd which help milk her goats. The reason we’ve made this trip only for females is the fact that, culturally, it is simply not easy for guys to take part in most of the tasks with this trip, and we also desire to provide opportunity that is best easy for creating a much much deeper comprehension of Middle Eastern women – with full respect due to their old-fashioned social values. Continue reading