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Intimate Orientation and exactly what the Bible states

Exactly What the Bible Claims…

To begin with, it’s important to remember that there is absolutely no word “homosexual” within the languages that are original the Bible had been written in and for that reason, the first transcripts available (Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic). This term happens to be added in through mistranslation with time.

It’s very important that after we read the bible, we comprehend that individuals all look over “tainted lenses” concerning this problem, because we started to the Bible with preconceived tips before we also begin interpretation.

1) Does Jesus love me personally as a homosexual or person that is lesbian?

Definitely! As Apostle Deborah says, “Christ arrived to improve our hearts, perhaps maybe not our fingerprints!”

The Bible claims in John 3:16 that Jesus therefore liked the planet, that whoever would have confidence in God’s Son would get eternal life. No one is excluded! The Bible additionally informs us that “there has become consequently no condemnation for imperative hyperlink the people in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1).

The Bible has not changed, but our interpretation of it changes with time, as the the truth is that individuals reside in a world that is changing. Continue reading