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Ask Audrey: A lesbian child may be the latest must-have accessory regarding the Rochestown Road

Sorting out Cork individuals for a long time like

C’mere, what’s the whole tale with thinking Cork is preferable to intercourse. I’ve really reconnected utilizing the town in past times couple weeks, travelling during the lockdown and breaking into rips each and every time Shandon sneaks into view, I’d a be poor for this. It’s the company child, strolling across the empty roads, alone along with your ideas and a will of Dutch silver, you’re able to realise what’s essential in everything. Therefore like can we all agree with a very important factor whenever all of this is over – Cork town may be the fruits whenever you don’t need to share the footpath with gowls from Carrigaline. Therefore, could you ever ask one of the snobby attorney buddies when there is a real option to ban culchies from Cork, forever like? – Dowcha Donie, Blackpool.

I’m with you moved here on your

Everybody is saying the air is fresher around Cork because there are incredibly couple of vehicles on the trail. It is said by me’s since there is no one up from Bandon to accomplish their ‘bit of shopping. ’ #IsThatSilageOrManure?

Aon sceal? This weekend and get off with our birds i’m a trainee Guard from Dingle, they gave me early release from Templemore and sent me down to Cork to make sure ye lads don’t drive off to Kerry. They’ve been four of us when you look at the main one household here in Frankfield, Christ we inform you we’d be bating from the Cork ladies by having a stick that is dirty they appear to think we’re sound as a result of our sly accents. Continue reading