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Our suggestions about whether or not to finish the ACT or SAT Essay

A blog that is recent by one of our fellow members of this Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) exposed with this specific advice with other IECA people:

It is time to stop telling pupils to create the ACT or essay that is SAT. Really. Simply stop.

The identification of this writer of that web log won’t be disclosed in this article for reasons that you might infer from that which we need certainly to state about their post, their facts, and their conclusions.

Their reason behind offering such advice is the range

US universites and colleges that want candidates to perform the essay part of SAT or ACT…has been dwindling within the last many years and our company is now left with…eighteen colleges/universities that want stated essay…and…eighteen represents less than one % of all of the four-year schools in america. Continue reading