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Writing: The Bridge between Consciousness and Unconsciousness

There are generally three types of papers, thought papers, research papers, and papers that are creative. There are commonly aspects of all three present, but papers largely fall into one of the three categories. The focus on REL 303 could be the thought paper; no outside scientific studies are required. The main focus on REL 407 into the shorter papers is the idea paper; no research that is outside required. The main focus on REL 407 in the paper that is final be either a thought paper, which requires no outside research, or a study paper involving use of outside sources.

  • a) Thought papers can make use of materials beyond the reading that is required do not need to achieve this. Rather, the focus is on careful study, analysis, and elaboration of ideas presented within a context that is limited such as for example just one article or book with a few support from assigned secondary readings. Continue reading